Walking Track Services

Remote area walking track design, maintenance and construction across south eastern Australia.

As an employee of Parks Tas-
-Overland Track 1993, 2008, 2011
-Needwonnee Walk 2011
-Nelson Falls Track 1988
-Frenchmans Cap Track 1989
-Port Davey Track 1990
-Western Arthur Range 1992 
-South Coast Track 1994, 2009-2010
-Pine Valley Track 1991
-Mt Anne Circuit 1992
-Lake Judd Track 1993

Walking Track Services -

-3 Capes Track 2013-15

-Grampians 2012-13

-Various, Hobart City Council 2012-13

-Cape Hauy (TAS) 2011-2012

-Minyon Loop, Whian Whian SCA  (NSW) 2010

-Boggy Creek, Whian Whian SCA  (NSW) 2010

-Nightcap Track, Nightcap National Park  (NSW) 2010

-Matheson Loop ,Nightcap National Park (NSW) 2010

-Pholis Gap Track, Nightcap National Park  (NSW) 2010

-Quandong Falls Track, Whian Whian SCA  (NSW) 2010

-Mt Wellington, Hobart  (TAS) 2009

-Lambert Gully, Sandy Bay  (TAS) 2009

-Valleyfield, Mt Stuart  (TAS) 2009

-Mt Donaldson, Tarkine  (TAS) 2008

-Philosopher Falls, Tarkine  (TAS) 2008